If you’ve made your way here, chances are you love books. On this site you will find short, spoiler free reviews. These are not intended as works of high literary criticism, but to give you ‘reader feels’ about a book.

I always think it is important to remember that a book is a project of heart and soul as well as mind. The author toils long, solitary hours to create a story, most often with no guarantee of publication. Even after the magic contract, there’s a lot to be done; multiple edits,  promotions, interviews and blog posts, all while working on another project. And a whole team of people at the publishing house are working to bring that book to you. To do all this I think authors must be optimists, dreamers and brave. Who else would try to do something that’s so tough?

While you are here, I hope you find a new book to love. This site began because I was constantly asked what I was reading at the school gate, and what I’d recommend. I have been fortunate that it has grown to a point where I receive review copies from most of the major publishing houses in Australia. (This doesn’t stop me from buying books, alas for my budget!)

As a book blogger one of the most wonderful things is opening a parcel of books with no idea what’s inside. Being sent a book that I normally wouldn’t buy and finding it’s an amazing read is like striking gold! THIS HAPPENS OFTEN! Never believe it when someone says there are no good books. There are way too many fab books to ever read out there, and they’re just waiting for you to find them.

Please do leave me comments, and also let me know if you’ve read a book YOU love. I have a toppling tower of books but I’m always on the lookout for something great!


About Melissa

Once upon a time I was a chemical research assistant and built prototype industrial machinery that reduced chemical waste put in our waterways. I’m a teacher, copywriter, business and technical writer and I’m currently working on a range of projects, including a novel. My stories have appeared in various places, including The School Magazine and MiNDFOOD and I have been shortlisted by the CBCA Lady Cutler Award.

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