Review: Hester & Harriet by Hilary Spiers

November 25, 2015 | RRP $29.99

Hester & Harriet coverTwo widowed sisters, Hester and Harriet, live a comfortable and routine life together in a cottage in a picturesque English Village. The foodie pair are reluctantly on their way to Christmas lunch with relatives who are crushingly boring and unable to cook – a double whammy of incompetence for the sisters who would much rather be at home in front of the fire with a great glass of wine and their own gourmet fare. They happen upon a waif-like young girl and an infant in a disused bus shelter and use this event as the perfect excuse to skip lunch. They take the pair home with them.

But Daria and her baby Milo come with a mystery. People are looking for them, and in a small village it is hard to keep a secret. By the time their nephew Ben arrives at the house seeking sanctuary from his parents, and their local homeless friend tumbles into the equation, Hester and Harriet’s normal routine is in tatters – not that either of them seems to mind too much!

The story is a reveal of Daria’s history, with drama and a touch of delightful British humour bringing to mind a range of British drama and mystery serials. It is a comforting and slower paced read than many modern stories and fans of fast paced, explosive fiction may find this a challenge. When I finished reading HESTER & HARRIET, I felt a bit at ends, surprised that I was missing having another chapter to read. And doesn’t it have a handsome cover!

Hilary Spiers is a writer of plays and novels and award winning short stories and is passionate about giving voice to ordinary women in extraordinary circumstances. Born in London, Hilary now lives in the finest stone town in England

You can find out more about Hilary at her website

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