Review: If I Forget You by T. C. Greene

July 28, 2016 | RRP $24.99


Have you ever been in a situation and made a split second decision that was a huge mistake? A decision that had consequences you never could have imagined?

IF I FORGET YOU is a love story about Henry and Margot, two young students from different socioeconomic backgrounds who fall deeply and irrevocably in love while studying at University. There are plenty of reasons for their relationship to fail, but it is a split second decision by Henry in the sleepy fog of waking that has the unexpected consequence of ending their relationship, but not their love for each other.

Henry becomes a teacher and poet, with a book of poetry using Margot as his muse winning awards and acclaim. Margot puts her dreams on hold to marry and have children, as expected by her parents and peers. Twenty-one years later, a chance encounter in the swarming streets of Manhattan will shake the comfortable and adequate lives they’ve both built. The strength of the connection they still have drives them forward but is it too late for them to have the life together they have given up on? What would you do if you had a second chance?

This book has a beautiful cover and is a dreamy, slower paced read that has a classic flavour. The moral challenges and depth of Henry and Margot’s connection makes  riveting reading. What happens when good people settle for almost enough? When you keep a crucial secret? If you love someone more than they love you?

You will not forget this book. It’s a winner.


THOMAS CHRISTOPHER GREENE is the author of four previous novels: Mirror Lake, I’ll Never Be Long Gone, Envious Moon and The Headmaster’s Wife. His fiction has been translated into 13 languages. In 2008, Tom founded Vermont College of Fine Arts, a top graduate fine arts college, making him the youngest college president in the country at the time. He lives and works in Vermont.

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