Review: Junk Food Japan by Scott Hallsworth

May 6, 2017 | Junk food Japan (Addictive Food from Kurobuta) is available now. RRP $52.99

If you love Japanese food and are looking for something a little bit different, this is the book for you. JUNK FOOD JAPAN is a cracking cookbook by Scott Hallsworth. It’s filled with recipes that offer trendy incarnations of flavours you love in Japanese cooking, with presentation and photography that makes this a very lovely book. The recipes work well, and occasionally may leave you heading for a dictionary if you are new to Japanese cuisine. All worth the effort, however, so don’t let this put you off. It’s a good chance to learn some new skills and wow your family and friends.

BUT BE WARNED! The stories  that are sprinkled amongst the recipes (and some of the chapters) are sometimes as saucy as the marinades and are often cheeky, occasionally vulgar and contain swearing. (One chapter is called “Sushi’s F*&#!$-up Friends”). Winning on the recipe front, be careful if you have impressionable readers helping in the kitchen, otherwise, go for it!

I’d say this a great book for Mother’s Day, if your Mum has a great sense of humour, or for anyone if they’ve pretty much got everything and are hard to buy for. This book is Recipes+Food+Education+ENTERTAINMENT. That makes it a winner to me.



Scott Hallsworth has been forging a mighty path in Japanese cuisine for nearly two decades, having worked for many years as Head Chef at the legendary Nobu in London and later opening Nobu in Melbourne in his native Australia. He has appeared on BBC1’s Saturday Kitchen with more television and press profile planned. / @KurobutaLondon / @scotthallsworth

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