Review: Lizzie Reaches the Rainbow by Lara and Tom Woods

December 2, 2016 | Lizzie Reaches the Rainbow is published by Serenity Press, and is available now. RRP $15.



One of the things I love about working with, and being around teenagers is how they inspire me. LIZZIE REACHES THE RAINBOW was written and illustrated by sister and brother team, Lara and Tom Woods. The teenagers have created a special book for children, while not quite being ‘adults’ themselves, displaying a level of maturity we can all hope to see in our youth.

LIZZIE REACHES THE RAINBOW, is the story of a child in an unhappy home who is looking for a way to cope with her emotions. She sees a rainbow appear after rain, and at night, she makes a wish as she falls asleep, hoping to visit the rainbow one day. At the rainbow, she is sure she would always be happy.

To her surprise and delight, she is visited by a fairy who takes her on a magical journey to the rainbow. Together, they visit each colour and Lizzie learns how to use each shade to help her cope with life when she is in turmoil. She learns that she can always return to the rainbow and find peace there.

This book is part of the annual KiddyInks programme, which aims to nurture young writers and illustrators by offering school aged children the chance to create a picture book. This book, written by children, for children, is a sensitive, accessible and hopeful story, with bright and relatable illustrations that appeal to younger readers while letting their imaginations have space to spark. It is important to empower children and the strategy of using the colours in the rainbow is a tangible take away for readers that may help them in their daily life.

TO NOTE: $2 from every book sold will go to Starz Dance, a not-for-profit dance programme for kids and teens with special needs, where occupational therapists and dance specialists tailor individual programs to allow everyone to shine! A wonderful initiative. Well done, Lara and Tom!



Lara is thirteen and the biggest bookworm around! She grew up on fairy stories, wizard stories and all kinds of magical books. She loves dancing and plays piano, guitar, sings in the school choir and dreams of becoming a world famous actress one day. Whenever she has a spare minute, she writes fan fiction and cuddles her cat, Meggy.


Tom is sixteen and also a big bookworm! He has been drawing since he could hold a crayon. He loves to draw Mario game characters and dream cars. He loves AFL and dreams of being a designer at Pixar, Lego or Ferrari! In his spare time her skateboards with his dog, Hercules.



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