Review: More Letters Of Note by Shaun Usher

February 10, 2016 | RRP $59.99


This book is an irresistible treasure to people who love words in all their forms and find letters fascinating. The art of writing a letter is ancient and is quickly becoming a lost skill in these modern times. It is kind of ironic that a hard copy of a book like this, which began life as a thoroughly modern blog,, came about through crowd funding.

The book contains over a hundred letters, and is peppered with photographs and drawings, transcripts and excellent copies of original letters. Handwriting is as much a drawcard as the turn of phrase, and sometimes there’s the surprise of classic communication that transcends time and would be as much in context now as then.

Without doubt, reading it provides the feeling that humans continue to have a commonality of experience. I have had this book since before Christmas and have come back to it many times, always delighted by something found within the covers. Recently, I came across a letter from David Bowie in response to his first American fan letter. Ever wondered how two poets break up their tumultuous relationship? Read the heartbreaking farewell of a slave husband to his wife, upon discovering his owner had sold him to another Master. Or perhaps reflect upon the tragic letter from famous poet, William Wordsmith, to a friend and fellow poet, Robert Southey, informing of the death of Wordsmith’s two children in 1812.

A perfect book for a quirky friend, assisting with school projects and sure to provoke thoughtful contemplation and curiosity, MORE LETTERS OF NOTE would make a brilliant gift for you or someone else.

About Shaun Usher

Shaun Usher is a writer and sole custodian of the popular blogs and He has transformed both blogs into bestselling books, crowd-funded by Unbound and jointly published by Unbound and Canongate. He lives in Wilmslow with his wife Karina and their two sons.

He is the author of the bestselling Letters of Note and Lists of
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