Review: Starcrossed by Minnie Darke

March 13, 2019 | Starcrossed by Minnie Darke is published by Penguin and is available now. RRP $32.99 (trade paperback).

Marian Keyes meets Love Actually in this fresh, funny and gloriously romantic Australian novel that has sold all around the world.

I read the first chapter of this book as soon as it arrived and didn’t want to stop. Alas, I have a job that pays the bills where they annoyingly do not allow me to read when the mood strikes me (all the time) and still get paid. I was pretty excited to cancel all plans for the evening and say hello to STARCROSSED by Minnie Darke instead.

The story revolves around two star-crossed lovers, Justine Carmichael (Sagittarius, aspiring journalist and sceptic) and Nick Jordan (Aquarius, struggling actor and true believer) who are apparently star-destined from birth to be together. However life and a moving van have made that plan a little tricky, and the two friends from childhood have lost touch. Fast forward roughly a decade and the stars align.

The two friends bump into each other by chance. By now, Justine is busily working her way up at the Alexandria Park Star and Nick is working toward his big acting break, He believes that the Alexandria Park Star’s monthly astrology column is his guide in life, he uses it to make life decisions, especially when he is at crossroads. The two friends clearly still carry a smouldering torch for each other but neither seems to have insight on how to move forward from past misunderstandings and light it back up. Then Justine, (impulsive at times) has a wacky idea and decides to make a few teeny tweaks to the ‘Aquarius’ entry before it goes to print.

The book follows hilarious and heartbreaking ripple effects of these ‘minor’ adjustments to ‘Aquarius’ and brings the cast of supporting characters together in a dynamic and satisfying conclusion.

This book is an absolute riot, definitely should be made into a movie and where is the next one please, Minnie Darke?

With thanks to Penguin for this review copy.


Minnie Darke – Gemini with Virgo Rising, Scrabble cutthroat and knitter, lover of books, freshly sharpened pencils and Russian Caravan tea – wrote this book to amuse herself and to entertain you.

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