Review: STATION ELEVEN by Emily St. John Mandel

July 25, 2015

Station Eleven Cover

Just finished reading STATION ELEVEN by EMILY ST. JOHN MANDEL.

 The story of Station Eleven follows a number of expertly drawn, flawed characters in the world after a devastating global pandemic. The opening chapters were captivating and once the pandemic hit, I admit my mind was immediately drawn to another fantastic book, CORMAC MCARTHY’s, THE ROAD. I couldn’t stop thinking about the story and I couldn’t stop reading.

 While both books are essentially disaster novels, they left me with very different emotions when I turned the final page. The Road was brilliant but I felt bleak and emotionally wrung out when I finished. Station Eleven is equally wonderful, however, when I finished and even after reading some very bleak things, I felt hopeful.

 One of my favourite elements of Station Eleven was the seamless incorporation of a variety of storytelling styles – the namesake Station Eleven comic, the various perspectives and time shifts are part of the layered subtleties that set this novel apart.

 A great read. Recommended!

© 2015 Melissa Sargent