Review: The Assassins by Gayle Lynds

September 8, 2015 | RRP $24.99

The Assassins Cover

Are you ready for explosions, gunfire, non stop action and intrigue? Do you love a story where you don’t know who to trust? Throw in six world class Assassins in an agreement of convenience that goes horribly wrong and you have the adrenalin fuelled start to THE ASSASSINS by Gayle Lynds.

Enter Judd Ryder, retired US military intelligence who upon walking home one evening, sees a man killed in a hit and run. But this is no ordinary man. Judd has a doppelgänger. The man exited his house wearing Judd’s clothes which makes him wonder who was the real target – the stranger or him?

 What follows is a highly entertaining, fast paced thriller, a lot like watching a Hollywood action movie except you are reading. Be prepared, the pace is relentless, the characters are interesting and their motivations are not always as they seem. The whole story is a puzzle that is well structured and leads you nicely to the climax.

 It also leaves you happy that your life is nothing like the dangerous rollercoaster Judd and Eva are riding.

© 2015 Melissa Sargent