Review : The Soldier’s Wife by Pamela Hart

April 28, 2015

While many stories of War are told on foreign shores, this is a story on the home front. Pamela beautifully captures life in Australia for a woman at this time and how life changed with the onset of War. As a reader I felt immersed in the time and surrounded by the place. This only served to intensify the emotion of the story as it unfolded.

Ruby and Jimmy have fallen madly in love and married in a whirlwind before Jimmy is deployed to Gallipoli. When Jimmy returns, the real test of their love begins. They have both changed from their experiences apart and now must get to know one another again. Can they weave a new life or are the threads that bind them too fragile to hold them together?

This book is partly based on family history. It is the kind of book that leaves you satisfied, that you can give grandma, your daughter and friends, and they will all enjoy it. Recommended.

The Soldier's Wife Cover

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